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I currently work and teach in the US to share the richness of my heritage and home, authentically and with respect. My efforts help support the construction of my dance school in Haiti, building stability in my home country and investment in future artists to carry on Haitian culture. 

I was born in Cap-Haitien, Ayaiti (Haiti). I started dancing and drumming as a child. My life is dedicated to teach the folklore and performative arts of Haiti. I believe through creative expression people can connect and create community wherever I go. Teaching and connecting with other people is my passion. I am comfortable teaching all ages and experience levels in a supportive and inclusive environment.

I taught at The National Dance Company of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haïti as a Principal Dancer and performed for the National Theater of Haiti for 18 years. I performed for political events and various distinguished events throughout Haiti. This also included all the major hotels, cruise lines, and radio and television stations.

Beyond Haiti, preforming and teaching has brought me all over the world - China, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada are only a few places I have toured.

While in the US, I taught at several Universities including UC Berkely, UC Riverside California, and Chico State. I also teach workshops at dance schools, community centers, and primary schools across the US.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions about workshops or individual classes.


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